Introduction to Adobe Connect

This module is a general overview – more of a “what it is” as opposed to “how to do it.” This tutorial will educate learners on basic concepts such as Pods, Layouts and Roles.

  • What is a Connect Meeting Room?
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Pods and Layouts

Create a Meeting Room

Learn to create a meeting room on the Adobe Connect system. Learn how to navigate through the set-up settings, and how to get to your new meeting room.

  • Create a meeting room
  • Understand set-up settings
  • Navigate to the new meeting

Configure an Adobe Connect Meeting Room

In this module we will use each pod to construct an effective layout set-up for a specific meeting. You’ll learn the benefits of running a smooth meeting through minimal planning.

  • Basic overview of each pod
  • How to add and hide pods
  • Why to organize meeting room beforehand
  • Set up layouts for particular meeting functions

Sharing Presentations and Documents

This module is a thorough explanation of the share document feature in the share pod. You’ll learn the types of material that can be shared, and by whom.

  • Basic information about share pod
  • Share .ppt and .pdf
  • How to use features within the pod

Managing Attendees

Build upon introductory knowledge:  Show increased interactivity with audience – raise hands, emoticons, etc.  We will introduce pod preferences and discuss advanced privileges.

  • Raise Hand/Emoticons
  • Pod options/preferences
  • Enhanced rights
  • Changing attendees’ names

Using the Poll Pod

This lesson demonstrates the basics of the poll pod: how to choose a proper poll question and type, how to create a poll, and how to open and close the poll. You’ll also learn how to see how participants are voting.

  • Create a poll
  • Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Multiple Answer types
  • Add answer options for each type of question

Making Notes

The note pod is a general purpose information tool. Hosts and Presenters use them to communicate, take notes, present agendas, etc.

  • Create new note
  • Uses for Notes pod
  • Export Notes pod

Webcam Video

The Video module will cover broadcasting video over a standard webcam, and review how to enable participants to do the same (one at a time, or all participants).

  • Webcam basics
  • How to broadcast
  • Enable/Disable participants to broadcast video
  • Video settings

In Meeting Chat

This module will discuss using the Chat Pod, including posting comments, moderating the conversation and saving transcripts. Please see the Q&A chapter for information on moderating questions and answers during your events.

  • Send public messages
  • Send private messages
  • Text size and color options
  • Email Chat history
  • Clear chat

Users and Groups

This module will discuss using the Chat Pod, including posting comments, moderating the conversation and saving transcripts. Please see the Q&A chapter for information on moderating questions and answers during your events. Creating a new user, How to assign a user to a group, how to assign a group to a meeting or content. Editing information about an existing user, New group, Manage guests, view guests

  • User roles
  • Administrator functions
  • Content Library

Host and Presenter Area

Learn how to access the Host and Presenter only area in a connect room, learn about pods you may want to setup to best use the space (e.g chat, Notes, Q&A pod), and how the Host and Presenter area can be optimized in conjunction with the main meeting room display area.  You’ll also learn about the engagement dashboard, a useful tool in the Host and Presenter area that gauges how active your participants are during your meeting.

  • Accessing Host and Presenter area
  • Leveraging main stage and host and presenter area in tandem
  • Pods in Host and presenter area (e.g. chat, Q&A)

Custom Pods

Learn where to access custom pods via the web, how to prepare your room to accommodate them, how to upload the files into your Connect room, and some best practices to prepare the pods prior to using them live.  You’ll also learn about some examples of commonly used custom pods (e.g. Countdown Timer, Closed Captioning, Stage Lights.

  • Custom pod page URL
  • Obtaining and uploading pods into Connect room
  • Examples of commonly used custom pods

Screen Sharing

Discover the abilities and limitations of screen sharing by hosts and presenters, details about the Share pod used in screensharing and how to use the various navigation features of the mini-controller (audio, webcam, notifications, notations and more).   The difference between sharing your desktop, an application or a window is also covered.

  • Screensharing by hosts/presenters
  • Share pod
  • Mini-controller features

Lobby Layout

Experience an Adobe Connect lobby example from the participant view and how participants interact with the different lobby pods.  You’ll learn about some different elements that comprise a basic Lobby layout and how participants interact with action and request icons.

  • Lobby layout
  • Participant Connect room pod interactions
  • Action icons