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Our goal is to assist organizations build self-sustaining collaboration and elearning communities at the workgroup, project, business unit and enterprise levels, and beyond. This is not simply about quantitative adoption of technology, but the qualitative improvement in peer-to-peer communication, generational knowledge transfer, corporate education, team development, and most importantly the development of an enterprise knowledgebase that transforms information into a managed corporate asset.


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Adobe Software Sales & Support

Envolvemedia, an Adobe Digital Learning Value-Added Reseller offers software sales and comprehensive enablement services. Our certified instructors and consultants provide personalized attention, assisting with configuration, training, and deployment. With proactive technical support, we ensure seamless implementation and address challenges promptly. Partner with Envolvemedia as your sole-source provider for sales and implementation services.

Training and Enablement

Envolvemedia offers comprehensive training and enablement for Adobe Connect and Adobe Learning Manager deployments. Our engaging workshops utilize action mapping to focus on core tasks, enhancing learner understanding and real-world application. This approach ensures impactful learning experiences, relevant ROI, and streamlined content.


Envolvemedia utilizes Adobe Connect’s event workflow for comprehensive virtual event support, ensuring objectives are met through a five-step process. We offer audio/visual equipment for hybrid events and expertise to seamlessly integrate with Adobe Connect. Our production packages are customizable to fit any budget and unique needs.


Envolvemedia’s design and development team utilizes cutting-edge digital tools to create custom e-learning content aimed at enhancing learner performance. Employing both instructional and experience design techniques, we ensure engaging content across multiple platforms. From converting traditional classes to virtual delivery to crafting comprehensive e-learning strategies, we offer end-to-end solutions.

Clients – Adobe Connect

Clients – Adobe Learning Manager

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